No, I Haven’t Gone M.I.A.

I’m just very very busy with work and to be honest, I haven’t been feeling very inspired lately. Can’t come up with anything to post on my blog.

But alas! I am now pitying the state of my non-blogging so I’ve decided to just update this with something to let you know how I’ve been.

Last weekend was the Singapore F1 Grand Prix here and I came and watched the Friday night race. Now you know that after the 5th round, everything just seems to be like the last. I have a short attention span so my thoughts started wandering and I started shooting random shots.

Enjoy 2 of my favorites for the night:

Oh, crap! My internet is acting up. It’s taking 500 years to upload a photo. I’ll update again later.



I’m Craving For Marche Right NOW

Marche is located in Singapore at 313@Somerset and at Vivo City.


It’s A Rainy Day In Singapore

Today is 08.09.10 in Singapore and it’s raining.

Here is how today’s weather is looking:

Speaking of rain, I joined chuva’s promo for Rain tickets hoping to get tickets for my sister to watch him in concert on Saturday (her birthday – Happy Birthday, Sissy!) but unfortunately didn’t win. However, I was extra in her website.

Can you find me in this sea of twitter entries? 🙂

I borrowed the image from her website: Thanks to my sister for informing me about this. 😉


I Wanna Watch Dirty Dancing

I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking about this movie right now. I wanna watch it again. I remember the first time I saw this movie. I was in 2nd grade and I saw it on betamax.

Image borrowed from

Thank God my dad let us watch a lot of movies 7 year olds and below shouldn’t watch. Thank you for your liberal mind, Daddy! 😉

I super love this song and the scene where this was playing.

Be My Baby by The Ronnettes

And this song too…

Stay by Maurice Williams

And who can ever forget?

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

Patrick Swayze invented sex appeal. May his soul rest in peace. 😦

Sigh. I have a birthday coming in a month. Is anyone out there generous enough to give me a DVD of this as a gift? 😀


Yey! It’s Almost Here.

Gleeks! Our wait is nearly over.

Glee Season 2 premieres on 21 September. Until then, please let the above tide you over.


Have You Seen The Newest iPods?

Damn you, Apple! Damn you, Steve Jobs! Do you really need to make the consumer in me salivate each and every time you launch the new versions of your products I already have?

Why? Why? Why do you keep on doing this to us?

The new iPod Touch - now with facetime.

I saw someone on TV say the new iPod Touch will kill the Flip market. I don’t know about you but I still want a Flip Mino HD.

The iPod Nano - Whoa! It's even handier than it already was.

Does this still have a camera? I looked at the Apple website and didn’t find anything about the camera so I guess the last Nano didn’t kill the Flip. 😉

The iPod Shuffle - Now you can use any earphones again.

I am such an Apple-whore. Dammit!

All images taken from


There’s Treasure Everywhere

I’m quoting Calvin (my favorite 6 year old boy from Calvin and Hobbes). 🙂 Actually, it’s more of there are surprises everywhere and you are never never ready for them.

Last Saturday, Teppie and I decided to meet with Jomar to borrow his hard drive full of movies. We then decided to have dinner at 7,107 Flavors since neither Teppie nor Jomar has eaten there. As we were getting settled, we noticed that there was a small stage set up and asked the waiter if there was going to be a live band. “Around 830pm,” he answered.

Around 8pm, I saw a man setting up their instruments on the stage. Lo and behold, it was Ferdi! A guy that I work with every so often at work. I never knew Ferdi was such a musical guy. He was there with his band called Cool M, made up of Usher/Asher, his wife Mercy and himself (Derf).

After a few songs, they encouraged the audience to request for songs to play. I sent them a note asking if my friend Jomar can jam with them. They were so kind, they let him sing 2 songs. 🙂

Here’s Jomar singing his first song, “Your Love” by Alamid. Cool M were playing mostly Billboard pop songs and we thought it would be good if they can at least play 1 OPM.

Here’s Jomar singing with Mercy. She’s got a wicked cool voice.

Cool M plays at 7,107 Flavors every Thursdays and Saturdays. 7,107 Flavors is located at Marina Square. MRT stop: City Hall.

I took this video using my iPhone 4. I didn’t bring my camera, unfortunately, so I have to settle with these sub-par videos.